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deansli.st2012-2015@deanputney TLDs are too expensive _
Just a great great personal domain. .st TLDs are too expensive to maintain anyway. I was keeping this as my personal blog, focusing on posting fast and furious. I'm not fast or furious enough for the kids these days anyway. Visit this site or revive it.

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_Never actually going to do this _
The idea was to buy and freeze a few boxes of every niche cereal brand, so that whenever a cereal was discontinued we could sell off our stock to distraught cereal lovers at a terrific markup.  I was never going to actually do this, but the domain name made me happy. I have no regrets. Revive this site.

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_I needed a new computer _
Named after Jean-Paul Sartre, this was going to be a fundraising platform for philosophical inquiry. At the time, my laptop was broke, and I couldn't afford a new computer. This was before there were non-products-based fundraising platforms. I made this site to convince people that a new computer would be life-changing. I wanted to grow this platform to be like Kickstarter, but for raising money for abstract ideas, not a specific project or product. Revive this site.

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_Makes me smile_
In my imagination an ice cream death march is where you and your friends march all over your city getting ice cream from as many places as possible. This site was meant as an event page for such an event. I say "in my imagination" because I never organized this event. Still, the juxtaposition of "ice cream" with "death march" makes me smile and I think underscores the seriousness with which I think about ice cream. Revive this site.

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_A repository of game development_
With a name based on the Latin phrase "Per Ludus" or "From Play", this site was a repository of game development and other topics when I did such things. Alas I got a "real job" at some point, and it just slid away from my priorities. It was sad to toss it, kind of like tossing that box of "cool scraps of metal you are going to make something with some day" in the garage. Visit this site or revive it.

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_Great kidnapping service _
My friends once kidnapped me from SFO airport when I was visiting town. I was blindfolded, put onto a luggage cart, and was told a story while reaching into a bag of props. It was a multi-sensory experience. Then I was put in a car, and driven to a hill where we had a picnic. I was taken to my actual destination after this detour. It was delightful. I thought this could be a great kidnapping service that people might want to pay for, where your Uber picks you up in a really weird way. Revive this site.

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The results of a terrible SCRUM experience. [Revive this site.]((

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_We stayed up all night talking about how we'd start a trapdoor club_

Revive this site.

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_Made a ton of money _
First virtual business I ever owned as a concierge type service for businesses. Made a ton of money, had offers to sell that domain for Rather worthless. Bless you forever CAS.
Visit this site.

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_That was my name around the place _
While working desktop support, one of my newer coworker's was trying to login to a Windows box as the administrator account but, kept misspelling it. I decided I had to show the guy who the real techs were and promptly misspelled administrator as adminitrator. That was my name around the place for a while so I bought the domain as a joke. [Revive this site.]((

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_A good puzzle _
An answer to a puzzle I once sent out, that nobody solved. This url spells "the alphabet without 'a doubt'". This was a good puzzle and lead to a reward. After a year, I thought it would never be solved and let it expire. RIP.
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_Updated it only once _
This site hosted images of the bodies of Mary-Kate and Ashley Oslen with my friends' faces Photoshopped onto their faces. I updated it only once. Buzzfeed and NBC wrote about it: "One artist is turning America into one big Olsen twin portrait." I never updated it again for three years and killed it in 2012. Visit this site or revive it.

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_I was drunk_
I wanted to start a lunch-sharing program at my coworking space and thought of this dumb URL. It's a play on words with Github, ugh, it's bad. I think I was drunk when I purchased this. I really wanted the lunch share program to exist. I changed the name to Lunchify, but it never caught on. Revive this site.

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